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Welcome to the site of engineering-design firm Art-Tech.

We design top-quality control systems for machinery and supervise the implementation of technical systems.

The company was founded by Artur Wojtiuk, whose technical expertise is confirmed by two of the world’s most important manufacturers of machinery and components for industrial automation: Maillefer and Siemens.

Since 1994, Artur Wojtiuk has successfully carried out dozens of projects for Polish and foreign firms, mostly for the cable industry.

More information about our experience is available on our designs and commissionings page.

Art in technology

Our team is made up of experienced engineers who, guided by our motto, “Art in technology” combine advanced technologies in reliable and precise solutions that thoroughly satisfy our clients’ expectations.

This is an art, which we have perfected through many years of working with some of the world’s largest companies.

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Art-Tech Warszawa
ul. Grzymalitów 16E
03-141 Warszawa



phone no.:+48 22 88 99 654
mobile no.:+48 604 20 96 58/ 600 24 30 72
fax:+48 22 40 34 664

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