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Art-Tech is an engineering-design firm that specializes in the field of industrial automation.

We design and build control systems for machinery and supervise the implementation of complex, advanced production lines.

We also modernize machinery already in use by our clients by installing new controls, allowing their usability to be extended for many years. We are always open to new challenges involving multi-axle drive systems, distributed control systems, and complex regulation systems.



Under the supervision of Artur Wojtiuk, our team is able to prepare and apply complex control system designs for virtually any appliance.

We believe in the principle, that that key to productive cooperation is a high technical standard, which, for our clients, means that there is no need for additional service visits or corrections.

Thanks to our experience and excellent knowledge of control system configurations and technical processes, we successfully implement our designs in many industries, including the cable industry, industrial processing of food, chemicals and tobacco.




Our experience includes dozens of commissionings and implementations of control system designs including:

  • Maillefer Extrusion - leader in the production of extrusion machinery
  • Nextrom - leader in the production of fibre optic machinery
  • NIEHOFF - leader in the production of wire drawing machinery
  • Northampton Machinery Company - leader in the production of rotating machinery

...and many more. More information is available on our designs and commissionings pages.



Competitive Pricing

Our low overhead costs and proper management of our team of co-workers allow us to maintain a high level of efficiency.

Therefore, we are able to offer our client truly competitive pricing without compromising quality.


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Art-Tech Warszawa
ul. Grzymalitów 16E
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phone no.:+48 22 88 99 654
mobile no.:+48 604 20 96 58/ 600 24 30 72
fax:+48 22 40 34 664

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